Exam Calendar

We are a field-stocked team and we can offer short-term exam dates. Use the contact form for any requests. Please notice that we can offer remote online exams only because of Corona pandemic situation. We will have one or more online exams every month.

Next exam will be held on 11. Dec. 2022 (Sat.), sessions starting from 1 pm

Please pre-register first if you are interesting in an online exam:

[Pre-Registration for an remote online exam]

After the pre-registration we will send you an data protection form. Fill out and sign the data protection form and send a copy of your EU ID card (bith sides) or a copy of your passport (page with photo only) to us and we will support you with registration links for the next exams.

The next exams will be held on: 19th Sept. 2022 (19 CEST) and 15th Oct. 2022 (13 CEST).

All worldwide exams of the ARRL VEC will be listed on the ARRL's Web-site: